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Pocket Self-Care

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Pocket Self-Care

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A pocket DIY self care manual for your physical and emotional well-being! 14 juicy pages of prompts to fill in with your favorite coping mechanisms and affirmations to help you out when you're feeling too crappy to remember about them. Print it, fold it up, and stick it in your pocket to reference whenever you're feeling down.

Just something I really needed for myself that I wanted to share with others. Sliding scale price: pay what you're comfortable with.

Have a great day, or at least a better one :)

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- 12/29/18: I came up with 8 more prompts to care for your psyche as well as your body! It's now a deluxe double-sided version that is easier to fold. Don't forget to check out the updated assembly image.

- 12/24/18: Made a more freeform page on the back.

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